RIJEKA – The port of diversity

To feel the real essence of Rijeka, watch this amazing video that depicts the flow of one day in port of diversity.
This video is made by Boris Erceg and Vladimir Šoić

Flow ‒ A Day in Rijeka, Croatia

Once a major European seaport as a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Rijeka thrived as an industrial and cultural center of the region. Being a melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures, many have left their mark on the city’s identity. Today, the third-largest city in Croatia, recently named the European Capital of Culture 2020, lives a different life. However, far from the grandeur of past times, Rijeka’s identity is still being molded by its people, perhaps stronger than ever. Flow is a glimpse of the everyday life of Rijeka, made by Vladimir Šoić and brotherside.Special thanks to Hrvatsko narodno kazalište Ivana pl. Zajca Rijeka for access to the theatre building.

Gepostet von brotherside am Montag, 14. Januar 2019

Welcome to Rijeka, the city of diversities!

History, culture and more…

To find out more about Rijeka- the city of diversity, with its exciting history culture we recommend you to visit official website of Rijeka.

Find useful information, what to see, where to eat, about Rijeka’s history, culture and much more…
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Amazing food by Deniz Zembo

Rijeka is also well known for its great food and one of the best chefs from this area- Deniz Zembo.

Deniz Zembo is one of the our most celebrated and imaginative chefs what gourmet-guide Gault Millau has confirmed on number of occasions as well as other gastro critics. He started his culinary adventure just over two decades when cooking evolved from hobby to passion which is present in each one of his dishes. By choosing seasonal ingredients, local products and his never ending imagination he prepares top quality food and delicacies.

We are especially proud to announce that we have made a precious collaboration with Deniz Zembo for Gasi Summer School Rijeka 2019.
All the meals in the breaks and on Gala reception will be passionately created by this incredible chef.


By plane

The Rijeka Airport is located on the island of Krk some 30 km away from the city. All the information about the flights can be found on the airport webpage and plane tickets can be purchased online on the web pages of airline companies or in a number of travel agencies.
Nearby airports:

By bus

Rijeka is connected to larger Croatian and European cities by regular international and national bus lines.

By car

The extraordinary quality of the Croatian motorways will ensure a pleasant trip. We advise you to check the Road Conditions Report before you begin your journey.



Find a great apartment in Rijeka city Centre. There are 2 hotels in the city centre: Bonavia and Kontinental, and lot of private appartments. If you prefer appartments, we would suggest you to contact Molo Longo Integrated Hotel on e-mail: info@molo-longo.com

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